Jeez, when I bought this van in January 2022, you couldn't find a used Odyssey under $10K. That appears to no longer be the case. There are a zillion of 'em on Craigslist, FB marketplace etc.

In any event, I've reduced the price to $5k which was my friends and family price previously.

In case it needs to be said: CASH ONLY, local deal, no trades, no BS please. Message me through OdyClub if you are interested. Van is listed several other places too.

For sale
2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L
Red over tan leather
151,000+ miles
VIN 5FNRL38689B021640

The good---
Runs/rides great
Very clean interior
Brand new battery
Everything works
Two keys and two remotes
All weather front floor mats
Removable middle seat
Clean SC title

The bad---
Paint issues, mainly on the roof
Small tear on the driver's seat outer bolster is taped
Scratch on passenger slider
Minor power steering leak
Chip in windshield has been repaired but still visible

I bought this Odyssey in January 2022 and have put about 8k highway miles on it mainly driving between MD and SC furnishing our house down there. I'd drive this van to Alaska tomorrow without hesitation. My wife and I are still driving it so mileage will increase some. The SC house is furnished and the van is overkill as a second car, so it needs to find a new home.

A few notes:
The TPMS light is on because that kind of TPMS sensor seems to be out of stock everywhere right now. I hate dash lights and I'd have replaced the TMPS sensors if I could have. I fixed the VTEC solenoid housing and roof seam leaks that are both common to these vans (thanks to MrRanger for the great videos). The power steering hose leak common to this Odyssey is also present but I don't find it to be a problem. The transmission is excellent and I had the Honda dealer do a drain and fill (and courtesy inspection) as soon as I bought it. I changed the oil w/ Castrol full synthetic only about 100 miles ago. This is a solid Odyssey with many more miles left on it and a good maintenance history.

Since this is the Odyssey forum, YES I have installed the S-VCM disabler. It works great and there was no noticeable decrease in MPG after installation about 4k miles ago. But I didn't notice any engine or oil issues prior to installation of the S-VCM. I just don't like the concept of VCM.

The paint is the main issue w/ the van. I bought it during a week of non-stop rain and the poor paint condition isn't as obvious when it's wet and/or cloudy. I've considered a paint correction, respray, or gloss black 3M wrap for the roof, but I've lost interest. I also put a nice big scratch on the passenger side slider. The door still works fine, but the scratch needs some paint on it too.

I don't have a fresh CarFax but it should show ALL pads and rotors were all replaced by the selling dealer in January of 2022. The brakes are very smooth and the tires are well balanced. This van is the perfect highway cruiser. The car failed safety inspection before I bought it due to hazy headlights that were polished and wiper blades that were replaced and the car passed inspection after that. I don't have a current safety inspection.

Maintenance history---
New battery at 149k miles.
Transmission fluid changed at 145k miles and earlier at 59k miles.
Sway bar/stabilizer links and rear shocks replaced at 137k miles.
Timing belt, water pump, drive belt, and spark plugs done at 103k miles.
Brake and Power Steering fluid changed at 82k miles.
Coolant flush at 59k miles.


2009 Odyssey EX-L