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Maybe this is useful to those in the southeast Texas area --
I decided to scan thru the VIN's on the BNSF tracking site and came up with the following:

Starting with 2H503200 thru 2H503900 (last 8 characters of VIN), I found the following numbers destined for the Pearland TX destination (that's where the train unloads). These are the last 4 digits only:
3204, 3332, 3357, 3365, 3440, 3584, 3598, 3668, 3678, 3681, 3687, 3691, 3699, 3784, 3804, 3885.
There were many gaps in the numbers (about 40% not found). There were a number destined for Alliance, TX; anyone know where that rail stop is??
Also all of the numbers above for Pearland left on 9/6 for an arrival date of 9/13, although some had blank arrival info. Also I don't know if these are all Odysseys.
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