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Foxwell NT-510 Deal on Amazon

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FYI. Black Friday deal for $160

Honda Acura All Systems All Maintenance Service Bidirectional Diagnostic Scan Tool FOXWELL NT510 Elite OBD2 Scanner Automotive Code Reader ABS Bleed SRS Airbag SAS TPMS TPS EPB Oil Reset CKP Relearn
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Depending on the closest Prime warehouse, you can get 1-day shipping. We're lucky and many times we do. So waiting 2 days feels like a long time. Recently I ordered something that took about 4 days to ship and another 4 to receive. 7 - 8 days used to seem pretty normal. Amazon and next day have really changed the way we shop. I was a marketing major in college and I find it interesting how it makes impulse purchases easier. Free returns also gets us to buy stuff when we might hesitate if we had to actually go to a store.

When we lived in Italy, I got several parts for my Honda Stream from Previously I used RockAuto but their international business wasn't sustainable so they trimmed it down to just North America. I learned that I could check several EU websites for the Honda P/N (since my Stream was Euro-spec), then find the matching P/N on RockAuto. For example I found the rear brakes on my Stream matched an S2000 but the front matched a Civic. Then if RockAuto sold the part I'd buy from them. If not, would sometimes have it for next-day delivery.
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