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Foxwell NT-510 Deal on Amazon

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FYI. Black Friday deal for $160

Honda Acura All Systems All Maintenance Service Bidirectional Diagnostic Scan Tool FOXWELL NT510 Elite OBD2 Scanner Automotive Code Reader ABS Bleed SRS Airbag SAS TPMS TPS EPB Oil Reset CKP Relearn
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This is the Foxwell NT630 - now for $105. Is this better?
So price is 119 for PRIME users 149 for everyone else...
I guess amazon had to offer some actual benefit to prime membership besides not sitting on your order for 5 working days before they ship it.
Sketchy, dishonest company. Hit or miss if they screw you or treat you like a king. Couple years ago I ended up getting a $400 12v freezer for free that had a manageable defect. Happy me. A year later they pulled some really dishonest **** to get out of a cyber monday deal that was a price they didnt want to sell the product at. On top of the times I have had prime membership trials added to orders when I didnt want it... Heck with that.
I still use amazon but find ebay is more honest and amazons prices are usually higher.
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