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Foxwell NT-510 Deal on Amazon

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FYI. Black Friday deal for $160

Honda Acura All Systems All Maintenance Service Bidirectional Diagnostic Scan Tool FOXWELL NT510 Elite OBD2 Scanner Automotive Code Reader ABS Bleed SRS Airbag SAS TPMS TPS EPB Oil Reset CKP Relearn
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A piece of black tape can easily erase the TPMS light! :ROFLMAO:
Now, depends on the problem. Can it read the TPMS codes that are registered? I believe so, and can also clear codes.
But if to fix the cause of the light coming on is a different issue like the TPMS sensor(s) died and need to be replaced: can it program new TPMS sensors? That would be a different tool. Now depending on your year and model, you may or may not need that tool if the correct sensors are installed!
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