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I've tried selling these with no luck, and my wife is tired of them taking up space, so... I've got a set of PAX wheels/tires/sensors off of an '08 Touring in the Burleson, TX (DFW) area. If you're willing to come get them, they're yours. No, I'm not parting out the sensors, and no I won't ship. For what they're worth I'm not interested in the hassle of dismounting the tires to get to them. The tires probably aren't worth anything - they've only got about 4-3/32 left. One of the wheels has some curb rash, but nothing drastic. No center caps or lugnuts.

I may be willing to meet somewhere in Fort Worth, but that's about as far as I'll go. Please email if interested. I'll probably put these out on the curb in a week or so for the local scavengers.

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