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Front End Clunking

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02 Odyssey, 120k miles. Front end clunk. Took it to my very capable mechanic who only does Honda/Acura.

New end links, still clunked. New front struts and upper mounts, still clunked. (All needed replacement anyway).

After getting another mechanic involved, they ruled out other items. Took the struts back out and reinstalled them. Seems if the strut seat or such is not just so, it will clunk.

So far (one day), no clunk. The van drives much nicer and much quieter than it did before.
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I agree.

I had same problem so I thought it's strut and mount plate. When I took out the old one, old struts were fine. only the mount plate bearing on one of 'em was a toast. You are right. If you don't set the plate,shot,spring in correct manner, it will create noise. rule of thumb is, when it is put together before mounting to oddy, make sure the gap between shock absorber and mouting plate are equal distance all around.
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