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I've been driving an '04 Odyssey for 3 years. Bought it with 66k and now has 110k. At 80k I replaced pads and rotors, which were new when I bought it. At 90k, had to buy 2 new tires as the inside/outside edge of the tires wore. Now 20k later, the rear tires rotated to the front wore the same way.

It shudders sometimes when shifting into 2nd. Have to take foot off the gas, it shifts and then its fine.

Vehicle shakes at highway speeds, sometimes worse, sometimes not so much. Regular steel rims, base EX model.

Front end components look tight, wheels are straight. Would have thought it would have out right broke after nearly 50k but its still holding together.

One last thing, horrible traction in the snow. Van even has traction control. It works but there is no grip as if wheels are fighting each other. Stopping 10 times more grip than acceleration. Driven many New England winters, definitely something goofy with this one.

Seems like wheel bearings or drive axle or differential, unless more simply its the brakes I've been chewing up.

Any advice. I do a lot of work myself, but thinking I may need to take this to a mechanic or possibly the dealer for an accurate diagnosis.

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