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Front Motor Mount $68.00 ??

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While checking a transmission leak (loose drain plug-whew), I decided to look at the motor mounts since I just had a drivers side bearing done, and the mech said I needed motor mounts. I did the pass side a few years ago, and just had the tranny replaced and they did the rear mount about a month ago, now the front needs replacing (engine rises in the front when in drive(brake applied))

I googled part #50800-S0X-A04 and see an aftermarket mount by DEA for $68 on Amazon.

Anyone tried this? How much worse could it be from the Honda OEM? Thanks.
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I bought the front mount from a import dealer for 90 bucks. It was not the hydraulic one like the dealer sells, but it wasn't $200 either. It works fine. The front right aftermarket works fine also. I paid $30 for it a couple years ago.
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