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Front Motor Mount $68.00 ??

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While checking a transmission leak (loose drain plug-whew), I decided to look at the motor mounts since I just had a drivers side bearing done, and the mech said I needed motor mounts. I did the pass side a few years ago, and just had the tranny replaced and they did the rear mount about a month ago, now the front needs replacing (engine rises in the front when in drive(brake applied))

I googled part #50800-S0X-A04 and see an aftermarket mount by DEA for $68 on Amazon.

Anyone tried this? How much worse could it be from the Honda OEM? Thanks.
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Got the front mount for $123 shipped from a Honda dealer on Ebay.

Does anyone know what the "box" is that is mounted right next to the front mount? I would think it is a weight of some sort, there is nothing connected to it. I had to remove this to remove/install the mount and I didnt put it back in.

A few notes that were probably already mentioned....

I did not have to remove the battery or tray, but I did have to remove and push aside the fuse box on the left of the battery tray. I was able to squeeze the mount between the radiator hoses to remove/install. Someone said to drain some coolant and remove the upper hose. That would have made it easier to remove/install the mount, but the time to do that would not hasve been worth it IMHO.

The "hidden" bolt one the mount is accessible from above. You need the 14mm socket with a 2" ext, a universal joint, the around 16" of extentions. You then get under the van and insert the assy up and place the socket on the hidden bolt, go topside, attach your rachet and remove.

The other "Hidden" bolt on the bracket that attaches to the engine, I only backed it off about 1/2", removed the other 2 bolts and as able to tilt the mount to remove it. Getting it back in was only slightly more difficult.

In all, it was about a 3 hr job, would have been 2 but when I was under the car trying to remove the bolt on the bracket I was trying to tighten instead of loosen. (righty tighty... I was upside down and turning the wrong way ;))
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