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My 2001 Ody left front suspension makes a tick sound (sounds like the word tick) when going over bumps especially at low speeds. It feels like the suspension is bottoming out and I can feel it through the steering wheel.

Does anyone else have this problem?...and what is the fix?

I took my 2001 Ody in for service at 5 months, 5400 miles, to fix this tick noise. Honda service drove the car with me and heard the noise. They replaced the front left strut and the W-S/ABS unit (whatever that is). This did not eliminate the tick sound.

Again, I took the van to Honda service at 6 months, 6400 miles. The service tech drove the car with me and heard the noise. This time they tightened lower control arm bolts, lubed front brakes, door tracks and rubbers. This did not eliminate the noise.

I paid a lot of money for this van and expect a quiet ride. It doesn't bother my wife (she listens to the radio and can't hear it), but it bothers me.

Honda service tells me there is no fix. No way!
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