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Time to downgrade to something more fuel efficient.

2010 Honda Odyssey EX-L
21,xxx miles
Taffeta white exterior with ivory interior.

Fully loaded minus navi and rear DVD
Has been in 1 minor accident where a firebird bumped me from behind and cracked my rear bumper which has since been replaced by Fischer Body at the Troy Motor Mall and has lifetime warranty.

All maintenance has been done at the dealer and recently had a tire rotation, 4 wheel alignment and high speed balance.

Only mods are window tint on front 2 windows and a sunbar strip on front windshield.

currently has 5000k plug and play HIDs and I have replaced every interior bulb, high beams and plate lights with LEDs.

KBB says its 27,700. Will be happy with 25,000.

Pm me or text me at 248-765-8860 for pics.
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