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I am picking up a set of wheels for my Odyssey over the week of Thanksgiving, so my Odyssey's wheels are for sale. Three of the wheels are in perfect shape (if a little dirty), while a fourth one has a bit of curb rash on the edge. The tires are Yokohama Ascend in the OEM size (235/65-17). These were installed in December of 2018 and have 8000 miles on them. Since the wheels are still mounted on the minivan, the mileage will increase, albeit only 300-400 at most.

I live near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I have family in the Bay Area that I visit from time-to-time (usually holidays) and can bring them with me.

My asking price is $700.

These are 17" wheels, 5x120. A Google search says they are 7" wide and have an offset of 50.

IMG_4836.jpg IMG_4837.jpg IMG_4838.jpg IMG_4839.jpg
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