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Hello, I'm selling a set of four Touring PAX type wheels. They have tires and TPMS sensors installed on them.
They'd make a great long term spare tire/wheel and will fit any Ody. Or as a Pax wheel replacement, you can have a few of these sitting around for when your tires wear out. The vehicle will relearn the new TMPS if you have a touring.
The wheels are in great shape. I would post pictures, but they all look like standard touring odyssey wheels/tires. They all have perfect balance and very minimal scratching. The tires are at 6/32 4/32 and two are at 2/32. The 6/32 tire has a fresh battery in its TPMS sensor. The other sensors are about 6 years old, so they may need new batteries soon. But when I De-paxed (see my thread in the depax forum - they all worked just fine. The tires hold air great.

I've a post on craigslist with pictures for $399 (Dallas craigslist Run flat tires with wheels - PAX), but I will sell to an Odyclub member for $300 for all 4 wheels. I'm willing to split up the set if you are interested in so doing.

Cedar Hill TX (PM me for exact address if you are interested)

Local pickup is of course preferred due to the cost of shipping these. I can let out most of the air for shipping but I'm sure it'll still cost at least $60 per wheel/tire. I will ship for actual cost added onto the price.
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