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My 2001 Ody finally threw an EGR code at 150,000 miles. I bought the Honda EGR Port Tool Set 07ZAD-P8AA000 and the accompanying EGR Pipe Kit 06175-P8F-A02 that includes the EGR pipe and the EGR valve months ago waiting for a free weekend to do the job. I got the day yesterday; I decided to check valve clearance, replace the valve cover gaskets and while in there, replace the spark plugs (which were originally replaced at 75,000 miles as a preventive measure to prevent the originals from galling to the aluminum heads) and the EGR pipe install.

It turns out the my EGR port was already enlarged and I didn't need the tool set or the EGR pipe - I did however replace the EGR valve and perform all of the rest of the services.

So, I have for sale the Honda EGR pipe tool set and the EGR pipe, NEW & unused. I paid $100 for the tool set (shipped). The pipe is not available seperately from the EGR valve, but it can't be worth much.

$75 shipped within the continental US.

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