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FSM from Helms Inc

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Is the Helms Inc FSM worth the extra cost over the Chiltons? Does anyone have the manual that covers the 2002 Ody, and does it include the rear disc brakes, transmission, and engine for the 2002? How many pages is this manual? Thanks for any information you can provide!
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ABSOLUTELY better than Chilton's. This is the same manual that the Honda Service technicians use. Yes I have an '02-and the manual covers all of the '02 changes. Definitely worth the money. Not sure how many pages but its about 4.5" thick and bound.
Another question, is the document as detailed as say the fog light instructions sent by Handa? Fog Light Instructions I really wish you could see some sample pages or something like you can from Also, how many wiring diagrams does it include? Do you have to buy the special wiring diagram manual also? Thanks for your time!
Maybe Helm could provide sample pages or detailed answers to your questions. They were helpful when I called them to order.


Get it. You'll be glad you did.

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I've been working on cars (non-professionally)for over 20 years and I can emphatically say that I hate Chilton's Manuals. They are too general, poorly illustrated and the wording is confusing. The worst part is that it has given the auto manufacturers the excuse to follow suit with cheaper-to-produce manuals. Even so, the manufacturers manual is still the best.

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I feel that both have a some extent. I strictly use the Helms manual, but have looked at the chilton/haynes for some 'other view' or laymans term or something from time to time.

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Does anyone with the Helms also have a scanner to scan a page or two? I would really like to see the detail of the pictures and text. I was especially thinking of removing some trim. Does the manual show where every clip is and how the clip operates? Or how about changing the alternator? I really appreciate any additional detail anyone can provide.
Bruno-sorry I dont have a scanner, but the answer about the trim and alternator is YES it shows what types, how to do it, how many and where. I just installed a VCR into my RES van and it worked like a charm-WELL worth the money. If you want an idea of how detailed the Helm manual is, download some like the fog light installation instructions. The Helm is written the exact same was with the same illustrations. Also I think the ETM manual is probably overkill for most since the standard Helm manual has complete wiring diagrams for everything including the video system in my RES.
Thanks guys for all of the responses! I am sold on the Helms! Now I need to add it to my Christmas list! BTW, anyone else having a hard time getting to the 2002 Ody page at Helms?
Received my Helms yesterday for the '02. They sent it 2nd day even though I only paid for ground. They re-published in 2001, so it's '99-'02 manual. If you want to wait till next week, I can post pages if you like. Otherwise, just get it. It's pretty cool.
FWIW, just a word of caution about posting copyrighted material (e.g., pages from the Service Manual, purchased from Helm) here at this site - we wouldn't want to get the Odyclub in trouble.

Has anyone asked Helm to fax or e-mail them some sample pages?

I'm glad I have the manual, it's worth it.


Being a professional auto technician, Chilton manuals are garbage!! At my shop we use only OEM manuals.
For what it's worth.
Don't worry about posting pictures! I have decided to get one anyway. I don't want to get anyone in trouble. Thanks for the offer though.
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