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Fuel door, spring pin snapped!

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Hello all,

I have a 2008 Odyssey. As some of you may know, behind the fuel door, on the body of the vehicle, there are two black pins next to the gas cap. The lower pin retracts when the release button is pulled under the dash; this unlocks the fuel door. The upper pin is spring-loaded, such that it pushes the door open. The same (upper) pin activates a sensor which determines whether the fuel door is open or shut, and, by doing so, it can prevent the driver's side sliding door from unlocking.

So .... the upper pin snapped off near its base.

You can still see where it broke, and the remaining part of the pin can still be depressed manually (paper clip), but it no longer pushes the door open. Furthermore, since the door is no longer pressing it, the vehicle always "thinks" that the fuel door is open, except for when I manually press it in.

What is the most efficient way of solving this?

I would imagine that the pin assembly, including its spring-loaded shaft, is an available part somewhere, but I don't even know what its proper name is, let alone where to shop for it.

Also, if anyone is familiar with replacing this item, is it something that can be done from the outside? Or does it have to be accessed from inside the body of the car? It seems to be entirely encased by the steel frame around the gas tank inlet, but its shape suggests that it has plastic clips that can be snapped in and out of the hole.
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Hi fumblepdi. Did you ever get your answer or fix this?

I have the same problem. Now, I am unable to open the sliding door because the car thinks the gas lid is open.

Does anyone know what part to purchase for the upper pin/spring assembly?thanks

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As you know, the upper spring-loaded spring is plastic and/or rubber. I ended up using a short sheetrock screw and screwed it into the broken stem of the pin. It has to be just the right length (depending on how much of the pin had snapped off), such that it depresses the pin when the gas lid is closed. I have never found a reasonable alternative, but this has been working well for me so far ... as long as it does not get knocked off again.
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