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Fuel Fumes are filling our Garage!

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I'm highly concerned about a problem I'm having with my 2000 Odyssey. As the gas levels get lower, the smell of gasoline proliferates from my van. If the tank is less than 1/4 full, then the air is so thick it's almost unbearable.

I've had the van in for service, but they said that a system pressure check showed there was no leak in the fuel system. Yet there is no vacuum suction noise when removing the gas cap for fueling.

I'm afraid of the health hazards this condition could cause, but don't know what to do given that the dealership found no problem.

Anyone had similar problems? ANYONE have any suggestions about what the problem could be or what to have the dealership do?
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Sounds like we had the same problem (or similar) on our 2001 EX. After numerous trips to the dealer and after being accused twice of " over filling" the tank, the dealer decided to remove the entire fuel tank. They found a defective tank (which is made out of plastic) in the sender unit area (fuel pump). The tank was deformed (poor molding process) thereby causing fuel to spill out. They ordered a and installed a new tank and sender unit cap (it was deformed as well)... Everything works well know.

Hope this helps.

One more thing. Our Ody passed the so called pressure check even though the tank was actually leaking. I think your check engine light would go on if your gas cap was defective.


the dealer is:

Bell Honda
701 West Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85023

(602) 298-2028 (service?)

When we had our car repaired they said that Honda was issuing a service bullitin (I dought that this actually happened).

Again the leak was from the "Sender Unit" on top of the tank (not visible) in the forward section on the tank. Hope this helps, let me know the scoop.

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1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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