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Fuel Fumes are filling our Garage!

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I'm highly concerned about a problem I'm having with my 2000 Odyssey. As the gas levels get lower, the smell of gasoline proliferates from my van. If the tank is less than 1/4 full, then the air is so thick it's almost unbearable.

I've had the van in for service, but they said that a system pressure check showed there was no leak in the fuel system. Yet there is no vacuum suction noise when removing the gas cap for fueling.

I'm afraid of the health hazards this condition could cause, but don't know what to do given that the dealership found no problem.

Anyone had similar problems? ANYONE have any suggestions about what the problem could be or what to have the dealership do?
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Hi pietro,

Thank you for the dealer information. I had given it to our service rep. He checked out that possibility as well as several others. They have replaced various parts in the fuel line.

At the end of the week they brought in a Honda Corporation engineer and a smoke machine. They hooked up the smoke maker to the fuel system to see if they could find any leaks in the system. As of this weekend they hadn't smoked out the problem. :-(

They have ordered a filler neck replacement to see if that might be the problem. We shall see! After that .. WHO KNOWS!?

On the funny side... My sister says she's impressed.. in comparison, her dealer (different manufacturer) would give the customer a nose clip and tell them to come back after the warranty expired !! He He.

I am glad they had given me a loaner vehicle, otherwise I'd not be nearly as chilled out about it all. I do hope to have my Ody in my garage again SOON!
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