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Is there any way to get any data collected by the vehicle?
I'm curious what's being collected.
No. Honda and NSA have it locked down.

Data collected:
On GPS/NAV equipped vehicles: current vehicle location, all vehicle movements/trips stored within the last 30 days.
Video: Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) camera video, CabinWatch video, and rear view camera video is active while in forward motion.

All information is stored and then uploaded in the background while you use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. If you have AT&T wifi hotspot activated, all information is continuously transmitted.

Information is sent here:

*** Actually, the only info maintained is vehicle sensor fault data in the ECU. Dealers download using a HDS scanner to collect the stored faults. Your access is limit with a common OBD2 engine management scanner. Honda has extended codes that you will not have access to. Now HondaLink, who knows. Very large program in memory size for what little use it provides.
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