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going 6 speed 99 odyssey

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just letting the board know iv sold my 5speed h22 97 honda odyssey .. and got a 99 odyssey now ....
goin 6 speed + boost
main thing im working on right now is working on the clutch pedel as it can not just go strait in due to two reasons ..
there is a shock tower right in the way.
and the E brake is there also .
will let yall know if i get somthing to work right and then everyone can convert and not deal with the auto crape in it now ....
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Take lots of pictures, I think I'd love it if my 01 could have a six speed in it for less than 3k.
Some cars with this problem use a cable actuated master cylinder mounted inboard of the brake master cylinder.

One example is Subarus. Look around though!
Was thinking about it too

I found a place in arizona that makes the wireing harness and flywheel mod they put the ody v6 and 6 speeds in sand buggys and there is also a guy who put a ody v6 in an older civic.

I have been thinking about this for a while cause if my auto goes out i will be putting a 6 speed in
update project is dead :( got backed into vans was total loss
Well I guess its time to buy a new ody.:DD
Well, somewhere up in Iowa there's a 2003 with a slipping tranny that just got traded in for a Ford van (see other thread)! If it went to a dealer, they may just wholesale it out as-is at the auction.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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