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Gonna buy used Odyssey, have questions

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Hi guys, prospective Odyssey buyer here. Going to try and buy a 2007 Odyssey EX sometime soon and I have a rough sort of plan when I do get one. 3rd row seats fold flat, which is great but the 2nd row does not, probably going to delete 2nd row seats altogether because this thing is going to be used mainly for hauling cargo and towing a trailer. I have tried searching online for a complete, one piece cargo floor liner that covers the entire floor assuming you delete the 2nd row seats, so far I haven't found anything, if any of you guys know where I can find something like this I'd appreciate it!
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I'll look into making one if I end up buying the van. That being said I work at a dealer and we have CARFAX, so I ran the VIN on this van I got my eye on. I don't see any evidence in the records of a timing belt/water pump replacement at any point and the vehicle is at roughly 151,000 on it. Prev. owner lived in NC and moved at some point. Detailed dealer history shows it's had the updated torque converter done/PCM update, fuel pump and brake master recalls done so first owner took good care of it. Unspecified mechanical issue and towed couple year ago at 126k before current owner ...

@HondaGoBrrr Funny thing, I'm in the area and have had my eye on that van too. I'd like to find a 2007 - 2010 LX or EX. Noticed this van hasn't sold; in fact, It's been reposted on CL: 2007 Honda Odyssey - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive...

When I asked about the van's history, he told me: "No, I am not an original owner. I work in the landscape business and my client was selling it. It was supposed be for my wife but she prefers an SUV. Let me know if you want to come see it", and when I asked about the timing belt, he said: "No , they did not give me any records". So not sure how he can claim "Very well maintained", but anyway, with the resources you have, just wondering if there's anything that's been a red flag to you buying it? Thanks!
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