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I needed two carseat tether anchors for the 3rd row seat. I was unable to get a reply to my inquiries via messenger or email from my usual source (HandA), so I gave a try.

They answered my questions quickly on their "live" messenger service, and shipped the next day. Unfortunately, they only shipped 1 part when the order was for 2. I called, and they immediately shipped out the second item with no additional shipping charge and no hassles.

Mistakes will happen anywhere, but there is no substitute for good service.

So, in addition to HandA, I can now also personally recommend Hparts.

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I had a need for some parts that I didn't expect to need... a replacement EX wheel (wife avoided an accident but banged into a curb)... anyway, I called HandA accessories, spoke to Trevor, he was guite helpful, so I ordered the replacement wheel, plus the cargo tray, mud flaps, and wheel locks that everyone else always orders... and saved a little on the shipping by combining the order. Just wanted to put in the note since not everyone reading through will know that HandA is usually very responsive (and supportive of this board). Thanks Trevor.

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I should have mentioned that I've always had good service with HandA once I've placed an order. That includes a Remote Keyless Entry unit, Foglights and various other less expensive items.
Hmmm, I too never heard back from HandA via an email I sent from their contact us link, so I ended up ordering from (can't complain about the free shipping!). Later I did place an order with HandA that went just fine, but needed no interaction.

Trevor, any email problems in the past month or so?
Maybe I've just been lucky, but every time I've called HandA (at least a handful of times), the phone is answered in a just few rings and it's always been Trevor - no voice mail mazes or being put on hold.

If e-mail response has been slow lately, the old-fashioned way with HandA still works great.

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Wow, this is embarassing. We did have the email program crash a couple of times recently. I thought I had managed to save all of the emails though, and I can't be sure that is even what happened to them. I also just recently ironed the kinks out of having copies of the emails at home and work.

We definatly try to put customer service first and realize that anyone can sell cheaply online but it takes service to really stand out.


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