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Goodbye and good luck all.

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Well, i have been an Ody owner for almost 5 years with our 2004 ex-l. We got it used with 39k on it in 2006.
It was a great van, trouble free untill last week.
The transmission went many of yours have also.
I got an estimate from between 2800 to 4000 depending on where and you all know the story.
The van had 103,000 on it and i decided that was too much to put into the main family vehicle. So, a trade or sale was looming.
The van was worth with the bad tranny at appox. 5500.00 i figured.
At both the Honda and Toyota dealership i got offered (after i negotiated the new van deal) 5800. So i was happy with that.
We test drove the new Ody, I loved the interior and ride. The outside....:confused: i just dont understand what Honda has done. It looks ridiculous. The interior is just perfect. Why does it have to look so bad outside.....
Then we looked at the Sienna LE. The LE came with everything the EX did, plus a tow package (bigger radiator, Tranny cooler and oil cooler.)
The interior was nice, not quite as nice as the Ody but close. But, the exterior was simply GREAT. Toyota hit a home run with the way the new Sienna looks, and it drives really nice.
The Sienna is a bit less exspensive also. Just by about 800.00
Honda would take about 1000.00 off the sticker price, Toyota dealer took 1700. Off.
Alas, we bought the 2011 Sienna. The Sienna has no tranny issues either (this was a major concern) since my ody died with only 102k miles. Honda has lost a costomer when it comes to minivans. I sill love Honda..and will probably get a Civic in the next 2 years. But, the Sienna just has a history of being a better van, more reliable.
I'll miss the old Odyssey but i sure do love the new sienna.
Note to Honda: FIX the tranny issues (i hear the still exist even in the newer vans) and design the new van, Im afraid im one of thousands that will be making the switch to Toyota.
Peace all.
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Sorry to hear about your old van but congrats on your new van.

Good luck to you as we bid you farewell (and welcome aboard ;) )
I would have bought a 2011 Sienna too if they didn't botch the child seat anchor situation (only 1 in back?!?).

Hope you enjoy your new van!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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