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got my touring elite.... dvd player issues

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i finally got my 2011 polished metal touring elite delivered this past saturday.
love the car.. the family loves the car. funny how one would never think that people would check out a minivan. ran into a young family in a restaurant parking lot which asked me if that was the touring elite and if they could see the inside.. you would have thought i had a new ferrari or something.. =o)

anyways... does anyone else have an issue with the dvd player freezing at times. my son was watching a movie and next thing i head is "daddy. its broken" turned out to be a scratched dvd... so i put in a BRAND NEW DVD fresh out of the packaging.. and notcied that it froze up today for a short while...

anyone else experiencing these issues?:huh::huh:
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I've never heard of many problems with the 2011 DVD system, but there are plenty of problems with the 2012s. I have used original DVDs and movies burned on DVD+/-R and have never experienced any system freezes or crashes.

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