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Grabber AT2 for a 2nd gen Odyssey ?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to get these tires. General Grabber AT 2

General Grabber AT 2

They seem to fit the Odyssey according to the TireRack chart. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or input on these.

I would be using them as all seasons but primarily winter tires.

I've looked them up online but it seems that the majority of folks have these on 4x4 vehicles.

Can you foresee any potential problems? I've posted a photo of the tire on a jeep liberty.

It has a very aggressive tread pattern.

Thanks guys!


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they are an all terrain tires with more road noise and fewer mpg's + imo, would think, WTF would that idiot put those on a minivan for. As I had an SUV before my van....with all-terrain tires, weren't the greatest in the snow. gl man.....i'd say no

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A lot of the "SUV"s out there now weigh about the same at the Ody. Something that works good on the Pilot might be a fine tire for the Ody. A lot of the passenger sedan type tires don't seem to be able to manage well with the additional load.

I would consider looking at the Grabber HTS. It's a well regarded SUV/LT tire.

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