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I have a 99 honda odyssey with about 133,500 miles. The transmission was rebuilt for the first time 1k ago. Along with that rebuild, the left front wheel bearing was replaced.

Since getting the car back, I have noticed a sound that sounds like an airplane decelerating overhead. The mechanic who we have been going to since the '80s has found nothing wrong with any other wheel bearings during the checkup after the rebuild and about two weeks of this sound.

The sound is not a pulse and gets noticeable at about 25 mph and gets louder with increased speed.

The sound does not seem to correlate with engine speed or temperature and stayed the same regardless of my cabin airlfow setting. I got new tires >100 miles ago and the sound is almost exactly the same.

The sound itself does not bother me as it is rather quiet and low pitched, but it has me concerned.

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