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Our 2003 EX was having problems with the passenger sliding door groaning when it opened (and sometimes when it closed). Progressively getting louder. Thought it was the center rollers and they were fine. Narrowed down the sound to the rear quarterpanel area just where the door cable feeds in. I suspect a problem with the rear pulley. Found out that the rear pulley assembly has a small hole just for lubrication purposes. The toughest part was getting there....

(I apologize -- no pics -- was not sure if this was going to work!)

1. First remove the rear trim plate. Two side hooks, a center bolt with a closed hook, and four plastic snap in guides.
2. Instead of removing the whole rear side panel (including the armrest/speaker area), there is just enough clearance if you gently loosen the rear side panel in front of the rear A/C and pull back on the panel.
3. The pulley sits behind the rear A/C blower. Remove the 5-6 10mm screws/bolts. Slowly pull the blower assembly out. Disconnect the two electrical connections.
(BTW, the evaporator rear core is now visible. This is a great time to clean the evaporator area)
4. Behind the plastic moisture barrier held by sticky rubber is the rear pulley with the cable running through it.
5. Feel the side of the rear pulley assembly for a small hole which is sized to fit the thin spray tube of a std can of lubricant. I used Lithium White grease and sprayed a small amount into this hole.
6. Worked the door through several cycles and the noise was gone. There is another hole on the opposite side (under) of the pulley that you can squirt grease in as well.
7. Reassemble.

I did the Drivers side as well -- it had no issues, but just in case. Similar and no blower to remove. The plastic panel was more of a pain to remove however.

Simple, cheap and effective. I was concerned if the rear pulley were to fail completely that a new sliding door motor would be necessary and that is $$$. Hope this helps someone with similar issues.
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