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Guide to Adjusting the Valve Lash (clearance) on a '02

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Hello again folks,

I've uncovered yet another nifty DIY article from my files and would like to share it with you. The following walk-through documents the procedure for adjusting the valve lash on a '99-'04 Odyssey:

Note: Adjust the valves only when the cylinder head temperature is less than 100°F (38°C).

1) Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2) Remove the air intake tube.

3) Remove the intake manifold. Refer to this diagram:

*diagram courtesy of

4) Remove the valve cover by following these steps:
  • Label and detach the electrical connectors from the ignition coils.
  • Remove the ignition coil assemblies.
  • Starting from the outside, working inward, using a 10mm wrench or socket with an extension and ratchet, remove the fasteners securing the valve cover to the cylinder head.
  • Carefully lift the cover off the cylinder head. Use care to not loose the sealing grommets when lifting the cover. Place the cover upright in a clean, protected area. If the cover is stuck onto the cylinder head, using a suitable prytool carefully pry the cover upward at the corners. Move each corner no more than a 1/16 of an inch at a time.

5) Rotate the crankshaft so that the valves to be adjusted are closed and the rocker arm is contacting the camshaft lobe base circle.

6) Measure the valve clearance. If adjustment is necessary, loosen the locknut and turn the adjusting screw as necessary to achieve the correct valve clearance.

7) The correct valve clearance is:
  • Intake valves: 0.008–0.009 inches (0.20–0.24mm)
  • Exhaust valves: 0.011–0.013 inches (0.28–0.32mm)

8) After adjustment, tighten the locknuts to 14 ft. lbs. (20 Nm).

9) Install or connect the following:
  • Valve cover
  • Intake manifold
  • Air intake tube
  • Negative battery cable

10) Start the engine and check for proper operation.

**Screw Adjustment Locations**
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Regarding #5, there is a handy little indicator on the front cam timing belt pulley. Pop the rubber grommet off, and rotate the engine until the cylinder number lines up with the pointed part of the inspection hole. That cylinder is now at TDC, ready to adjust.

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Just did this. manny is spot-on about the handy indicator...what a blessing. Honda even has a little tether so that the grommet stays close by when you pop it off (like on some gas caps); that way you don't lose it.

Valves were about 1 thousandths too tight on the exhaust side, and about 1 thousandths too loose on the intake side for all six cylinders. Hated to change them, but I went ahead and adjust all 24 valves and made the on-the-money in terms of clearances.

Ready for another hundred thousand miles.

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