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Good morning all :coolio:

I'd like to post up a concise write-up documenting the guide to replacing the PCV valve on a '02 Odyssey. It's a really straight-forward job but it's always helpful to have some variety of reference material to utilize when tackling an automotive repair job :DD

--How to test the PCV Valve--

1) At idle, make sure there is a clicking sound from the PCV valve when the hose between the PCV valve and intake manifold is lightly pinched with your fingers or pliers.

2) If there is no clicking sound, check the PCV valve grommet for cracks or damage. If the grommet is OK, replace the PCV valve and recheck.

--How to replace the PCV Valve--

1) Remove the intake manifold cover and the rear ignition coil cover.

*diagram courtesy of; all rights reserved

2) Check the PCV valve (A), hoses (B), and connections for leaks or restrictions:

**PCV valve (A) and connecting hoses (B)**

3) Replace the PCV valve with a new unit.

4) The remainder of the installation is the reverse of removal process.
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