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Hi Rob, since American's Honda fog light kit doesn't work on Canadian Odys and the cheapest I can find a Canadian kit is around $509 US (not including installion), it's not worthwhile enough for me to spend that much for two extra lights.

So here's the question. I saw your fog lights on your picture album, and what brand are those on your Ody? Did you put them on yourself or did you get somebody to fit them in those two little holes in the Ody's bumper. Lastly as there are no pictures of the passenger side hole, what did you do with the black plastic backing (you know how the passenger side hole is not really a hole? Instead there's the black plug). I still want that horizontal bar there (like the driver side) so it looks OEM. Anyway thanks for any information you can provide.
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Thanks Rob, are the Hipers' fog lights or driving lights?

I am looking at the PIAA Solitaire series, kinda like yours but maybe a little slimer. I don't know how they perform but since they're PIAA, I guess they can't be bad. They cost around $100 and after seeing the price of the Canadian Honda fogs, the Solitaires seems like a steal, but after seeing the Hipers you have I am not so sure anymore. Choices, choices, choices...
Yeah, I have checked out CATZ's product. They don't really have a style that I like/look good in the Ody IMO.

I think I am going to get the PIAA Solitaires in either plasma blue, super white or the new and more expensive Xtreme white.

BTW did you use the relay that was supplied with your Hipers so that you could only turn them on only with the high beam? The Solitaires are driving lights also but I intent to aim them down and use them with the low beam. Do you know if I have to get a new relay or can I just rewire them? Thanks Rob.
Oh, I am not going to connect mine directly as I know somebody will leave them on sometimes, but I do have another relay for fog lights, wonder will that work.
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