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My project this weekend was completing stage one of a hands-free cell phone.

We have a Nokia 8290 phone (PacBell 1900 MHz only). I recently purchase the Nokia Hands-Free Kit for it (CARK-124). It has a speaker on a power plug and then separate wires to a mic and a plug for the phone.

I mounted the mic just forward of the front dome lights and ran the wire under the headliner and A-pillar to come out near the power socket. I mounted the phone holder in the small space between the instruments and the a/c vent. At this point everything is functional.

I want to do one of two things: bypass the hands-free speaker and wire it to mute the stereo and play over the stereo speakers (like the navi does) or hide the speaker behind the dash somewhere with a small speaker grill (hopefully also muting the stereo during a call).

In either case, I'm going to crack open the hands-free kit and hopefully figure out how it works.

I've heard that the mute signal is +12V (unlike others, which use ground). Has anyone else dealt with this? Anyone have advice about identifying a mute signal in the hands-free kit?
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