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Hello all,

I don't have a odyssey yet but wanted to ask your opinions on the 2009 ody...basically next week is boxing day and it's time for our 3rd car. It's the best time to purchase a vehicle as dealerships are trying to get their monthly and yearly sales numbers up. We already have a minivan 04 Dodge Caravan with 600K KM, we go about 5-7.5K KM a month (my dad is a courier). Basically it's narrowed down to 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan or 09 Ody LX with 50K KM, same price with the slightly less finance rate. The ody is the most basic version you can get and I didn't even know this existed (no tint, side moulding and door handles a are unpainted black) and it looks very cheap. There no feature that one van has over the other then the stronger engine from Dodge. I was all for the Ody but I just read that the power terrain is a carry over from 2nd gen and that's worrying. Basically I'm asking if anyone uses this car as a delivery vehicles as well and can it take a thrashing or is it strictly a soccer mom car.


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