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I have owned many different vehicles in my life. Among them, I have owned several different minivans. I have to say, honestly, that the Honda Odyssey is by far the best handling and most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I have complained about the inaccurate fuel gauge, the wind noise and the lack of a lot of the creature comforts offered as standard in other minivans, but the Odyssey is solid as the rock of Gibraltar and I look forward to a long, happy relationship owning it.

There is no PERFECT vehicle out there. I've looked!

On other new cars that I have purchased, I have had to have the dealership literally complete the assembly process. From aligning doors, to bolting down the seats, installing bolts in a motor mount, alignment to repair a pulling toward the curb problem, oil leaks, reinstall rear view mirrors, fix things that didn't work at all and on one car, the front bumper fell off when I left the dealership lot at delivery (they left the bolts out at the factory).

The ONLY thing that I have had fixed on my Ody was an off center steering wheel. That is amazing to me.

So... if any of you read sarcastic posts from me, I'm only being sarcastic. I am actually a happy camper who is proud to be the owner of a 2002 TW EX and a member of the ODYCLUB.

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