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happy to get a 2002 SS EX-L

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I just got a 202 SS EX-L last Thursday.
It is much better than previous models. I owned a 2000 MB EX until last Monday.
Wife got involved into an accident last Monday and we lost the 2000 Ody. Good thing is the retail value of the 2000 Ody is higher than the sticker price. So, insurance paid us more than the sticker price (after we drove the vehicle for more than a year). And the safety of the Ody has been proven since my wife basically walked away from the accident (it was a side-collision and the 2000 Ody was totaled).
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Glad to hear your wife is OK-the safety of the Ody is a big selling point to just about everyone! So is the resale value- as you have discovered in a rather unexpected way...

RRP EX Navi on the way-finally!
Forget world peace-visualize using your turn signal!!
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