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Hard to start when hot

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Hello fellow ody owners. I have a strange problem with my 2001 odyssey.When cold the engine starts with no problem. When it's hot it starts and shuts down in less than a second. However if I hold down the accelerator, turn the engine over then ease up on the gas pedal it will start and continue running without a hitch. I thought it might be a fuel pump relay but I can't find one on this car. If it has one can anyone give me a location. Or could another component causing the problem. By the way this ody has over 190,000 miles on it. Replaced the tranny at 120,000 miles.
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Did you try going to AutoZone (or similar kind of joint) and have them pull the codes? There's a very good chance that in situation like this there would be code stored in the ECM. That could shed some additional light.

On the side note, few years ago I had a similar problem on my truck and it ended up being engine coolant temperature sensor. It would stop providing accurate reading when hot, which meant that system defaulted to -40C or something similar. On the cold start that was not a problem, but on a hot start that would cause engine to flood. If that did happen, then I was in for 15-30 min wait before being able to restart the engine. Could be something similar.

Alternatively, this could be a vacuum leak.
It's probably a bad IAC valve. The clue is that pressing the gas helps it to start. Doing so admits more air into the engine - a job normally done by the IAC.

It can be cleaned, but it's easier to replace it.
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