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I've read alot in this forum about getting it from Tracy for $875 (waiting for my packet), and the advantages and disadvantages of HondaCare. But has anyone actually used their HondaCare warrantee?? Any unusual experiences of things not being covered??

Inquiring minds want to know!

YES!!! Finally a member!

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Previous Hondas:
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I am also considering Honda Care.

After our great experience with my wife's 1989 honda civic and no major problems, 170K miles. I expected the same from the Odyssey.

Given the Odyssey has a lot more to go wrong with it and it being redesigned so much, I have also become interested in this Honda Care program.

It would be great to hear from anyone with experience with it good or bad.


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I used the Honda Care Warranty this past weekend! I have a 2001 MB Odyssey EX, bought in April 2001, and have been LOVIN' it!

I haven't encountered any problems with it, except for a few days ago. I tried to unlock and open the power doors w/the remote, and it wasn't responding. So, I manually unlocked the driver's side door, and tried to open the sliding doors from the inside, and they didn't open. I couldn't start the engine either. It made no noise, or anything.

I called the HCW 800#, and the rep was FANTASTIC! She said that someone would be at my minivan within 1 hr. Well, 20 mins later, they arrived. It was a local towing company, I think. They tried jumpstarting it, and it worked. They told me they couldn't find anything wrong, and the battery looked fine, so they weren't sure why jumpstarting it worked. BUT......It STARTED! LOL That's all I cared about at that time. Haven't had any problems w/it since <knock on wood!>

By the way, the rep told me that the HCW would cover a jumpstart or towing UP TO $100, and the rest would be out of our pocket. I didn't know this when I purchased the warranty, I'm not sure if it's in writing somewhere in my neverending piles of paperwork I need to peruse at my 'leisure'

So, they were wonderful!! It's definitely a smart purchase!

'01 MB EX

-mud guards
-cargo mat
-cargo tray

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