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Two personal examples:

My father has been through the process, with a 1992 Jeep. It is neither common, nor easy to prove a replacement is required. And be prepared for a long drawn out ordeal. They had electrical trouble, engine trouble, and even a transmission replaced. It was in the shop more than they had a chance to drive it. This went on for almost a year.

I bought a Honda ATV in 2006 with a bent frame AND sub frame. Who knows how it happen. But I didnt notice it until my first ride. The machine was brand new, not a scratch on it, but I had put on 15 miles. Honda would not replace the machine, they opted to tear down my entire ATV and replace the frame and sub over a period of 4 weeks at my local dealer. My dealer was wonderful...but Honda should have replaced my machine and not put me through such trouble.

Though I still love Honda and all their products, I will continue to share my ATV story when topics like this arise.

I can tell you right now, a light that wont go off on the dash is no where near what you need to prove a lemon and a replacement is required. Dont even mention a will only anger the dealer and Honda.

Just keep working with them, STAY VERY NICE AT ALL TIMES, but dont let up.
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