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Headlight problem

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GOod day gurus,
I have a problem changing my lights into xenon. I order, h4 bulb Halogen-hi and hid-low(it came with two[2] bulbs)
It came with 3 wires (1 ground(blk), 2red) thinking that the 2 red is for high and low. So when installing it nicely I came across with this problem that when I put my switch to high it should be the halogen bulb ignites only by the hid bulb ignites as well and flickers, seems like they're tapped together and the power output of the halogen is poor, but when I ONLY tap the negative and the halogen wire, it ignites very well same thing happen to hid when tapped only. And yeah when all three are tapped on their respective wires the high(bright) indicator light doesn't shuts off even when I put on low(deam). So for now to use my lights I just disconnected my halogen wire and only running in HID. Need help what's my problem that I encountered. :(