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Heated mirrors??

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Does anyone know if the Canadian heated mirrors can be added to the US models? I have had them on all my German cars and would really like them on the Odyssey. David
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I'm not sure why they didn't put them on the American cars - I'd love to have them also. The make aftermarket mirrors with the LED turn arrows in them that work in the Odyssey, so I'd think there'd have to be something out there that would work. Unfortunately, I don't know what that is...

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What I would really like to find out is if the wiring harness is the same for both USA and Canada models. If it is then all we would have to do is buy the heated glass and plug it in. Does anyone have this info?? David
No, the wire harnesses are completely different between US and Canadian, even between EX/LX and NAVI model.

It's possible to retrofit US Odyssey with heated mirrors, but you'd need to make your own harness and you won't be able to use Canadian mirror/heater switch. You can hook the mirror heater elements to the rear defroster switch which has a built-in timer using a relay.

Last time I was at my dealer I asked the parts guy what it would take to make my Ody have heated mirrors. He said that in addition to the replacement mirror assembly, the new wiring harnesses cost so much that the total parts alone get you over $1000!! I didn't need to hear anymore. So I will unfortunately make due without...
How much were just the mirrors/mirror assemblies?

If you power them separately, using a relay (as Harry suggests), the wiring shouldn't be too difficult; and shouldn't present any capacity problems for the existing wiring/switching circuits.

Something incorporating these ideas should work:

1. Tap the main power directly from the battery (through a fuse, of course!) running the power into the cabin through the hole/grommet used for the fog lights. Use this to power the mirror heaters through the relay (SPST, normally open, like those used for auxiliary lights, about $5).

2. Drive the relay coil from the rear defogger relay output (looks like this is under the passenger's kick panel).

Honda wiring harnesses appear to be needlessly complex, e.g., those used for the cigarette lighter that connects to the radio or the fog light harness that puts the relay on the right side of the vehicle. These "features" undoubtedly increase the cost.

Hope this helps.

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I posted the info on Canadian heated mirror part number awhile back in another topic.

The part you need is called Mirror Subassembly, part#76203-S0X-C01, 76253-S0X-C01 ($62.17 Canadian each)
If you want to use the Canadian switch, it's 35190-S84-G01ZA ($96.22 Canadian). You'll need to create your own harness for it.

As for power, you can tap the power mirror fuse, that's how Canadian model is wired. The heater elements use very little power.

The switched output from the Rear Defogger switch can be tapped at the connector under the Driver side fuse box.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Mel:
How much were just the mirrors/mirror assemblies?
IIRC he said around $125 each, but don't hold me to it. I like the sound of the ideas you presented. Next time I'm at the dealer I may pick his brain about your and hgani's ideas of tapping power without need for the harnesses. I'm glad there's still hope!

If someone gets this to work and documents it in our tech section, it is something I would want to do also.
The problem is getting the Canadian parts shipped to US because most Canadian dealers won't ship outside Canada.

Hooking up the heater elements are quite easy, it only has 2 wires: power and ground.

Power can be tapped directly from the fuse box using add-a-circuit that Chuck found or tapped from the mirror switch and as I mentioned previously, rear defogger switched output can be obtained from the left Grey connector under the driver side fuse box.

The only other parts that you'd need are Bosch type relay, 16-18 ga. wires, connectors and some T-taps.

Replacing the mirror subassemblies could be hard if you've never done it before, I'd recommend you ask local glass shop to do the swap for you.

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