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Heating with only side vents?

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When the climate control system on my EX finally switched from cooling to heating, I noticed that heated air is going out from only side vents on the dash. Two central vents stay idle. Is that normal or not?

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Two things are happening here:

1) when it switched to heating, it switched the air outlets to the floor. That's where heating traditionally is directed. Cold air is traditionally directed to the top vents.

2) The Odyssey owner's manual tells you that the top side vents are always getting airflow, regardless. In other words, they aren't tied to the *center* vents at all, and aren't controlled by the climate control system. That's not how most cars do it; most cars tie all the top vents together for climate control purposes.

And I think this is what confused you.

So, if you want to turn off the airflow from those top side vents, it's easy--but it's a manual operation. Just move the thumbwheels that are next to the vents. The closed circle graphic denotes a closed position. Thumb the wheels that way. This will force ALL the air to whatever other vents the climate control has chosen.

These two vents aside, the climate control will choose where to direct the air. But you can override it with the button to the right of the climate control display. This will cycle you among the various vents and allow you to choose.

Read the owner's manual carefully. It's chock full of goodies like this.
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Thank you for the clarification, Adam.
BTW, either I am extremely dumb, or my Owner's Manual says nothing about the question in hand (pp 144-151, Climate Control System)
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">BTW, either I am extremely dumb, or my Owner's Manual says nothing about the question in hand (pp 144-151, Climate Control System)</font>
2002 owner's manual, p. 145:

"Mode Button
Use the Mode Button to select the vents the air flows from. Some air will flow from the dashboard corner vents in all modes."

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I'm just guessing, but I don't doubt that the air supply for the side window defoggers is from the side vents ductwork, thus the reason for them being supplied at all times.
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