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Hell is...

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I've pretty much decided after talking it over with my pastor what hell would consist of for me:

It would be stringing a Honda leather steering wrap for my Ody...each time I when I would get 5-10 eyelets from the end either my string would break or I would rip an eyelet or the needle would poke through my know something different each time.

...oh and each time it would always get dark on me about 2/3 of the way around the wrap.

Well, anyway I finally found a few minutes to restring my wrap (3rd time) with some new twine Honda sent me. The third time was the charm although I did have some tense moments as I looked at the stretched eyelets wondering if they would hold....
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Was this with the new wrap for the 2002 models?

I just looked to HandA and it looks like they are now available. If so, how does it fit? I had to send my old one back because I was told it did not work so well on the 2002.

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