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Hella LED DRL's

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This is for folks wanting to add DRL's to their ODY. I just installed these:

YouTube - New Hella Dayline LED DRL kit

Very low current draw. They dim when the parking lights are activated.
Quite visible in daylight conditions.
They are not cheap, but I have used a lot of Hella products over the years and they built much better than cheap knockoff's. Top quality optics, connectors and housing integrity.

The install was slow but straightforward. I fabbed some 16 gage stainless brackets to mount them.

The wiring instructions refer to DIN automotive standards. The picture helps define what you are connecting to.

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Nice. Is your Ody turning to an Audi?
not my cup of tea. If I wanted this look, I would grab a Benz or Audi but to each his own. What really disappoints me from the vid is that the guy didnt show how the beam pattern is on the foreground.
J-spec your right. Audi R8 style LED DRLs...this mod is almost the same fad way back early 2000 when everybody wanna rock Lexus style tail lights like those patterned after the IS300. They're cool then but gone now. Even a Dodge Neon/Chevy Cavalier are rolling on lexus style tail lights...go figure.
Thanks for the post. I actually like the look but I prefer them farther apart. Btw, you're right, those Hellas are not cheap, quite expensive actually, hence I passed on them.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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