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Hello everyone!

greetings and a merry christmas to everyone and a happy new year!. I just bought my second honda odyssey 2 weeks ago. My odyssey is a 2005 black EX-L model. it has 100,000 miles on it. All leather with tan color. Navigation, Back up camera dvd , moonroof and other amenities. I am very satisfied with my odyssey and hope to own it for several years.

Back on June 2009 i bought my first odyssey which was a 2001 model. At first i was weary about the mileage it had (179300)and decided to ask around and everyone would tell me that i needed not to worry cause hondas were built for long mileage and that i was going to fine. Anyway, i owned the odyssey for a year and several months and decided to sell it cause i was short in cash. Originally i paid 4300 plus ttl which came out to 4800. When i sold the odyssey, i got 5000 for it and it had 210,000 miles on it. can you believe it? and to make things interesting, i did not experience any problems with my van. at all. nothing what so ever. just change the oil and check tires. it was an awesome van. When i sold it, i promised my wife to get her another one but newer model. truth be told, i just got her another one cause of the experience i had with the 2001 model.

So, to make things short, i sincerely recommend anyone looking to get an odyssey, to buy one. i am a happy owner.

Peace and god bless!

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