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Hello from Terra!

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Name's Aslan and apparently this is the hip place to be if you like the Odyssey. We have driven a Chrysler Town and Country since '97 and a Chrysler Sebring since '04 but now that I'm a daddy we decided a new van was in order! After a lot of research it appeared the Honda Odyssey was the king of the van mountaintop and decided to pull the trigger on a 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite.

I actually find the debate over the "lightning bolt" to be fun to read about. I love the design of the new Odyssey so I'm definately in the "pro" corner. The vehicle is being made at the factory even as we speak and will be shipped to the dealer by the end of the month. It is taffeta white with a truffle interior and will be equipped with such chic accessories such as splash guards, door visors, door edge guards, a remote engine starter, and my personal favorite... The door sill garnish!

We're hitting the beach this year in style it looks like!
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Welcome to Odyclub! :hi:

Hope you enjoy your new ride when it arrives.
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