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Just trying to get this forum going again :) Maybe a quick introduction and thoughts on ody meetups or recommendations for local dealers/independent mechanics.

Name is Will.
I have a 2005 EX-L.
I live in the Western Suburbs of Chicago (Aurora/Naperville area).
My local dealer is Valley Honda and have been happy with their service. They just remodeled so the place looks brand new. The waiting area is filled with flat screen TVs, plenty of seats and a dozen iMacs. Very kid friendly. Service is quick and they are very accommodating.
Trying to find a local independent mechanic as I'll need timing belt/water pump replaced soon and don't want to pay dealer prices. I typically wrench on my own vehicles but don't have 8-10hrs plus would have to probably purchase additional tools specific for the job.
I would be up for a meet-up if we get enough interest.

Look forward to getting to know other local ody owners.
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