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and found your site yesterday looking for answers. No surprise that there are so many of you, nice to "meet" you all!
We've had our "gold" EX-L since 2005 when our middle child was born (paid $18k @ 50k mi.).
I'm part sentimental, part pragmatist.
Facts: 196k miles with regular maintenance, brought it in bc the
  • Spring on L strut broke. Taking into account that it has:
  • Rust on undercarriage,
  • Tiny leak on the rear coolant line,
  • Codes for evaporator
  • Mysterious leak that we couldn't locate causing seatbelts to get soaked after a heavy rain (yet no musty smell ever),
  • Engine mount starting to move a bit.
Common sense says, replace it (btwn struts/align. and upcoming 200k scheduled spark plug & timing belt ~$2grand).
Emotionally, i want it to avoid a crusher. Our prior Honda (96 Accord) went to a parts yard for $100, but I feel that there's a better place for this van.

I'll be searching OdyClub for:
  • Where do all good Odys go,
  • Which years have the best space/layout (I think mine has the most, but we'd like <15 years old car for NY state)
  • Which years/trim levels have the most reliable design - reliability close to Toyota's (of all vans are out there, I still prefer the look of Odys)
  • Why the base price of brand new ones seem relatively "low" compared to older one's MSRPs.

I may post stories/photos of: if anyone's interested
  • Travels in America,
  • Images of what we did to stop the leak (unsuccessfully) to save you same hassle,
  • Gas tank contests (which drove my husband crazy), and
  • Driving uphill in deep snow trick learned the hard way.
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