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Hi. We just got our 2004 Honda Odyssey tonight. I have had other Honda's throughout the years, but now with 2 kids and all the stuff that comes with two kids (one is a toddler), we decided it was time to get a van. I like Honda's reliability and design, so we decided to go with an Odyssey. We currently have a '99 Honda Accord and my first car was an '89 Honda Civic (handed down to me from my sister). I'm not sure I will post a terrible amount because I'm not looking for the mods so much as any useful DIY maintenance or advice on how to maintain it to get some of the higher mileages I've seen in my browsing.
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Welcome to Odyclub! :hi:

You can pick up great DIY hints here that can save you a lot of money. We also have lots of information that can make you more knowledgeable if you have to deal with a garage.
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