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I've had the same problem on my 02 EX (@ about 96,000km) for a couple of years now. The first time it happened was shortly after a transmission change on the first very hot day we had in June. The engine rpm spiked to over 3000rpm. I just shut it down immediately, nervously waited about five minutes, then started it up again an the rpm immediately shot back up to just under 3000rpm. I quickly shut it down again and called a tow truck.
The tow truck took me to my local Honda Dealer, which was about 10 minutes down the highway. When we got to the dealership and after going through all the check in procedure; the service rep asked me to start it up and I guess it had cooled down enough because it ran perfectly normal. I left it with them for the day so they could try to replicate the situation, but, they could only get it to rev up to about 1200 to 1500 rpm.
Since it was not tripping any code they couldn't come up with a solution for me.
They have checked with Honda and other Honda dealers to see if they could offer any input, but, so far nothing. They say they don't want to just randomly start throwing parts at it until they have something to go on, and I certainly appreciate that.
So, for the past two years I have just been managing the situation. When it starts to rev up I find a spot to shut it down and let it cool.
The dealership has been very good and we've kept in contact about this issue, but it's getting frustrating.
SO, if any one has any input or solutions to this problem, I would love to hear them!!
Many Thanks in advance!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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