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My 06 exl with 185k broke down yesterday. She might be dead but I hope I can make her go a big further.

Yesterday she was low on oil so I topped it off. Suddenly the vsa/limp mode came on. I pulled over and turned her off and back on. I made it to the next stop light and it came on again. Now every time I come to a stop it goes into limp mode. Well i was only a few miles from home so I tries to limp there. She started stalling every time I applied the brakes, the power loss got worse and worse until I couldnt make it up the hill. I parked it and came back when she cooled off (I noticed that it doesnt start limping till it warmed up a bit). I was able to get her home.
Codes: p2646 p2647 p0304 p0305 p0306 p0300

Background: I bought this van last year. The rings were toast on the rear head, vcm vs. I pulled the head and dropped the piston, cleaned and reringed it. All was well, drove it to Mexico and back put on 15k miles without much issues. The p2647 came on regularly but other then that no problems. Comp test is good across all cylinders.

Today I started wrenching and found metal shavings in the spool valve screen. I have seen a little bit in the past (brass colored) and figured my bearing were failing. Now i have both silver and brass colored shavings.
Not sure what to test next, and direction would be great. Thanks
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